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4 tips on how to make your home more energy efficient

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Step 1 - Turn off unused lights

Turning off lights in your rooms is one of the biggest and simplest ways for all of us to be more energy effective and it also helps to save you money on your electricity bill. Did you know that 15% of electricity bills are from lighting? If you switch off your lights it can help you save around £55.

Step 2 - Insulate your home

Insulating any walls and the loft in the house can drastically reduce carbon emissions and keep the heat in the house.

Step 3 - Wash your clothes at 30 degrees

When you wash your clothes at 30 degrees it uses around 40% less energy which can help save at least £50 a year.

Step 4 - Never leave your appliances on standby

You should always switch off your appliances when not in use. This includes your TV, laptops and printers. It is estimated that customers can save up to £30 a year.

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